Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Smell of Success

Sunday night alone in the big city. A dog, a cat, me. The city shimmering at dusk outside my window. I pulled out the DVD "Sweet Smell of Success" as I had never seen it and it was wonderful. Great music, great lines, great acting and just awful people!

But the thing I loved the most was it was shot on the streets of New York. Real New York. Not backlot Burbank New York. And in 1957! Times Square never looked better. Burt Lancaster's character lived in the famous Brill Building which is still there. I am continually seduced by jazzy B & W New York. There were a bunch of scenes at 21 with its figures outside which still stand today. Fancy.  I will go there someday.

It was all a rush and I loved it.

Then I took my teeth out and went to bed. Alone. In the big, mean city.

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Phil C said...

Fantastic film - and it was directed by one of your people. Sure you know Mackendricks'work from the Ealing studio comedies...and by wierd coincidence, an old ex-BBC friend from the Greenwich years is coming to stay with me this weekend to attend this

Small world!