Saturday, May 15, 2010

My good pal Cheline is in town from Austin for business and I met up for a West Village /Chelsea adventure.  After all these years we still never run out of inanity to say to each to other. THAT, my friends is a relationship.   What a great day.

We brunched at Cafe Cluny on West 4th and had great coffee and food. Cheline even walked out with their homemade granola. (This time she paid for it.)

We walked on the Highline and dropped down into Chelsea to see the Andy Goldsworthy show at the
Gallerie Lelong.

It was a quick duck into the space age Comme des Garçons store on W. 22nd to apply unisex cologne before walking to The Frying Pan on the Hudson.  This is a GREAT place for drinks and burgers on a glorious day in NYC.  

We then had a wonderful lunch at The Park on 10th Avenue.  Another place I had never been to and suggested by an out of towner and I loved it.  Such a lovely setting and good prices. We even had wonderful service. The pancakes looked good, but I had the tuna niçoise instead!  Yay, me! But they do give you a complementary loaf of banana bread with butter. I had some.

Then a stroll through the Chelsea Market which I love more and more.   Now that I have stopped comparing it to the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco. (Nothing beats it.)

We passed by Frank Gehry's place and some other architectural wonderments.

Afterward, coffee at the Jane Hotel where the Titanic Survivors stayed...

We then met Sean and Skipper along the river walk and walked home. 

Another perfect day in New York City.  Gosh, I love it here...

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Mr Phil said...

Wow! Look at you two - you look great - I am so jealous & so sorry I'm not there with you. The food looks great - and Andy Goldsworthy love his work.Have a wonderful time - love to you both