Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kultur, Wien

 My travelling companion Ellie asked me a really unfair question, "Would you rather live in Venice and Vienna?"  Much like "Would you rather sleep with Betty or Wilma?" -both have so much to recommend them, but I had to say Vienna.  As much as I LOVE Venice, I though Vienna was this incredibly cultured place that was so present-day vibrant and Venice is really a lovely jewel-box.  Plus I would just be an Alps away from the Grand Canal where I would weekend with Gunther and...   Oops sliding into a fantasy world again. 

Vienna looks like a city that has cleaned up since WWII, but can't hide that it was heavily bombed. (Much like I was in the 90's!)  Yet, it possesses charm, elegance and edge.  I loved it all.

Oh and the other answer is Wilma, but really probably Barney.

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Criticlasm said...

Oh my god I love Vienna.