Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Census Training - Mormon Church Style

I am in the Church of Latter Day Saints on Columbus doing census training.  This a place that one usually protests in front of, not goes into.  And inside it is all nice and clean and bland.  Like Utah.

There are loads of pretty white, tidy-beard Jesus paintings all over the place with Joseph Smith Mormonian overtones.  It seems nice, but you are creeped at the same time.  The same way I felt when I was in Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

As if that weren't odd enough we are training in the multi-propose room where they put on Brigham Young knows what kind of plays and they play basketball.  The din in there is incredible as there are several groups in various pockets being trained at once so you cannot hear a thing and THEN they scheduled OPERA SINGER AUDITIONS right next store.  Someone is belting an aria while 4 crew leaders yell out about what to do if someone is away in the military but lives in the housing unit most of the year.  It was crazy.

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Amanda said...

you're working for the census?! Me too! I work in the office at Long Island City.