Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top 3 Favorite New York Foods

My friend Lana took me to Barbuto last night in the West Village/Meatpacking District and I had Jonathan Waxman's signature roast chicken that was SO good I imagined myself finishing an article for the New Yorker and sending it to my editor and then strolling down to Barbuto and sitting at the bar and eating this thing alone to celebrate.

No, I cannot just eat a chicken, I seemingly have to publish an article and walk to deserve this level of succulency.  It was divine.

This made me think: Ahoy! I have a New York Top 3 foods piece in the making.

Here are my Top 3 New York Foods to date. (not in any order)

1.  JW Signature Roast Chicken at Barbuto

2.  Sheeps’ Milk Ricotta with sea salt and herbs at Locanda Verde 

Eating this was a meal in itself. It was a textural, sublime, heavenly moment.  You can publish an article and eat this too. Or write an article while eating it.  Or just sit there and gaze and eat this and feel all good about life.  Your pick. 

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie at Jacques Torres

This cookie is by far one of the best I have ever had. There are bagel wars and pizza wars and cookie wars and this is one of the victors in town I declare.  They serve it room temp or warmed.  Amazing.  And with many locations you can have a private moment with the dough cradling chocolate piece of heaven all over town.  Forget cupcake wars and surrender to this cookie.

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