Friday, November 6, 2009

World of Nuts and Ice Cream

I found my health insurance, what it is, will let me cough once a year as long as I don't exceed $200. Well, that is worth it since I am an aging hypochondriac.

Met with my new doc and he is great. He let me ask loads of questions ("Where do babies come from?") and even gave me his e-mail address as a way to communicate. So modern. I love bedside manner and easy access. Hey, professionally, I am saying.

Well he had to get me on that infernal scale and much to my NOT amazement I gained 20 pounds again. I am supposed to be a sexy 200 lbs of hunkatude yet with help of Ben, Jerry, Edy, and Herr Daz, my secret nighttime lovers, I clock in at 220. It is clear we need to part ways. My ice cream lovers, not my doctor.

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