Friday, November 20, 2009

Community Prep, Providence, RI

Tot, Mary's excellent husband and bard/wry wit of Jamestown, took us to Providence to visit the Community Preparatory School where he serves proudly on the board.

Here is their
Mission Statement

While serving students from across Rhode Island, Community Preparatory School's primary commitment is to minority and low-income students from Providence. The school's goal is to help its students succeed in college preparatory high school programs and to become community leaders. Moreover, the school is committed to developing and sharing its vision, programs, and resources with the local neighborhood as well as the broader educational community.

We got to tour classrooms and meet the students. It was so mind-blowingly excellent and progressive. The kids were so polite and genuinely nice. I was very impressed.

We stood and observed in a math class and I had tears roll down my cheeks. This blew me away. I guess from serving a month recently on a grand jury where it felt like there was no hope, here we were standing in a room that was chock FULL of hope. I cried because I was hopeful and that was amazing.

Kudos to Tot and the staff and faculty at Community Prep.

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