Friday, November 20, 2009

Providence, RI

Brown U
John Brown's house. Private tour.

Tot drove us around the state capital and we saw Brown University and the famous Rhode Island School of Design where the Talking Heads went to school. Ellie nephew is the head of the Rhode Island Historical Society and he met us and took us around as well. It pays to be hooked up and connected!

Sarah, Mary, Tot, Ellie and Bud, head of RI Historical Soc.

My favorite thing of all was when Mary stopped this student Sarah (far left in photo) because she was wearing a "Horace Mann School" t-shirt as this was where Ellie went to school when she was a kid. Sarah is now pre-med at Brown. We had such a delightful conversation on the pavement wonderfully charming co-ed! And it takes Marys of the world to make that happen. She reminds me of my dad that way. Good for them! And Mary is hooking Sarah up with a doctor to intern with in Jamestown.

Moral of the story:

It always pays to wearing writing of some sort on your clothing!

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