Friday, November 13, 2009

Grand Jury Reunion

I am going to write about an event I was not even at because my back went out.

Basically I didn't go out because it did.

The reason I want to write about it is because I wanted to be there. And I wanted to be there more than I realized initially because, in thinking about it, I realized I went through a very intense month with these strangers on a Grand Jury and when it was over there was no closure. Almost like we were trapped in an elevator together for a month and then the doors opened and we dispersed. Forever.

I know there isn't enough to maintain close ties, but we sent many people to trial. There were drugs and attempted murders and rapes and domestic violence and robbery and then not so much as a coffee and a danish together afterwards to come down from what we had all been through.

So basically "we" went to La Bella Ferrara Café at 110 Mulberry Street. Once we had all arrived we made our way to Positano’s for 7:30pm and after dinner we returned to the Café for coffee and pastries.

What fun! What closure! I wish I was there.

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