Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wheaton College, MA

Ellie attended Wheaton College in Massachusetts in 1943. It was not much fun she tells me: the windows had to be covered with black curtains, the boys were off at war, it was desolate. Yet she wanted to go back and check it out all these years later. What fun it was!

We took the student tour led by a sophomore who is doing everything I didn't: getting involved in all his school has to offer, and by what we heard it is a lot. What an amazing place this was.

The big goal was to find Ellie's dorm room: Emerson 110. Understandably security is tight, but also understandably we are tenacious. We got some students to get us in and we found Ellie's old room #110.

What we hadn't planned on was for the current occupant to emerge. The very lovely Graham. He was as blown away by meeting Ellie as she was him! Both of them occupants of the same dorm room, but 66 years apart. Pretty amazing.

Graham and Ellie in "their" dorm room.

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