Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christie's New York

Do you KNOW you can just walk into an auction house like Christies or Sotheyby's in New York they will hang your coat while you look at Rothko's and Warhol's and Kandinsky's for sale at prices you can't even imagine? It is like going to an art gallery, but posher and more "who is she?" and "Do they think I am looking to buy?"

Folks, I loved it.

Plus I learned that if you have some scrap tin, a piece of cardboard and a crayon you can ask starting bid of $60,000. This is good money.

I thank my friend Sue who exposes and edumacates me in all things art world.

I loved this photo entitled "Marianne" by Loretta Lux. Christmas is coming. Someone please buy it for me.

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