Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dino and Michael and Paralyzed with Fear

Dino and Michael

Met my pal Dino from LA who is here on Ad Web business. I haven't seen him in over two years and he hears bagpipes playing the park and calls me. Whatever it takes. (It wasn't me playing. Who is on my turf?!)

We met at Joe, The Art of Coffee on Columbus (Yes, Virginia, there is one by my new place in the West Village.)

Dino brought his grade school friend Michael with him. (Michael is now all grown up, it is just where they met in time.) What a nice guy. He is a musical theatre composer/writer. Did I get that right, Michael? One friend went to movies in LA and the other to the theatre in New York. (Why was "Merrily We Roll Along" already written?!)

It was a hoot. Topics covered: New York, LA, Interactive as the NEW term for digital, emerging, new media, Glendale, DV8 and being paralyzed with fear.

It was a comprehensive morning.

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Tony Westbrook said...

Where are you living and when did you move?