Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art & Aids: Living for the Moment

So industrial, so Soho.

Typical New York City night for me: went to a Soho gallery opening where a friend was exhibiting, met with another friend for a "walk and talk" through Tribeca and then went out on a date in the Village.

My friend, artist Peter Schepper, was part of a big show at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation titled "Art & AIDS: Living for the Moment." He is a really great guy and I wanted to go and show support.

Pete in front of his work.

I had no idea what a scene it would be! It was packed to the gills with (since I am really not part of this world at all) central casting types for gay art gallery openings. I mean that in no derogotory way. Frankly it was quite thrilling. Loads of people in black and some in sequins. Just like a bar mitzvah, but gayer.

Great show, Pete!

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