Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pub Quiz NIght

Tonight I went to the 2nd Annual BAFTA EC Pub Quiz Night. It was held upstairs at The Perfect Pint on E 45th at 3rd Ave.

What an amazing turn out. I think the success and fun of last year brought them out in droves. Not to mention endless pints of lager and platters of fried food.

There were umteen teams of 6 people vying for the big prize (a book by Annie Liebowitz). My team was called "Madoff with the Answers" which won BEST TEAM NAME. (quick brag - I made up that name for us!)

"Madoff with the Anwers" - great group. We all brougth something to the table, but we could have used a James Bond expert. Sucked big on that category!

We won a Welsh Choir CD for BEST TEAM NAME!

And that was all we won.

No matter it was a GREAT night and kudos to Lisa for putting it on and Mark for being once again being an excellent pub quiz master.

The tres excellent Lisa and Mark

The Winning Team - "The BBC Bastards."

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Criticlasm said...

Are they not the BBC gophers? They look like they're posing as rodents. :)

That's an excellent name. And who's my future husband in the foreground of that first shot with the tie and white shirt? LOL.