Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dizzy's - A Finer Diner, Brooklyn

Seems impossible to get into a rut in New York City.  But it is SO possible.  "Here is your grocery store, here is your dry cleaner, here is your post office and here is your restaurant, or restaurants. "

"What? You mean in the most dazzling city in the world and I have to go just here to eat?"

My friends and I usually meet for brunch in the West Village. It is a great way to catch up and have a lovely afternoon, but it sometimes get ruttish.

My friend Sean proposed doing something out of the box, something different. His idea was venturing to the outer West Village. The wilds of the outer West Village. 

I suggested Brooklyn.  Park Slope. The idea seems so "two days by coach" but once you are on the subway and spend 20 minutes you are in a whole new world. It is worth the time to see something new every once in a while, no?

When we popped out of our subway rabbit hole on the other end we were in tree-lined Park Slope and there was our destination,  Dizzy's , straight ahead.   A long way to go for eggs, sure, but it was the spirit of something new we were after.

Dizzy's is this great funky brunch place with good food, really friendly service by waiters in "Got Bacon" t-shirts and a free basket of muffins and excellent coffee and OJ included with your $12.50 breakfast. Really, really not a bad deal. And the food? Really, really good.

Sean and I opted to share our heart attack so we split the steak and eggs and the biscuits and gravy. I  have never thought of myself as a biscuits and gravy person and I don't want to start, but these were fine: sausage and bacon mixed into a lovely, creamy white sauce and slathered (you have to use that word here) over a fluffy biscuit and eggs. All your food groups: fat, cholesterol and some grease.  But you are closer to heaven! Literally.  I would say that another biscuit to soak up the gravy would be nice, but that is my only complaint. Otherwise a great brunch.

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