Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anti-Social Media

My location.

This weekend I was at Columbia University at the Journalism School attending Social Media Weekend. I was thrilled to be there to learn about more about the world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare and beyond.

The best thing you do is learn by doing. And in this environment typing and texting in session was, of course, encouraged.

As much as I love the world of "I am now taking a sh#t, read all about it" I have to admit that sometimes immediately chronicalling ones life can detract from actually living it. But I Tweet out of both sides of my mouth.

Before I get to the invent I must tweet that I am going in less than 140 character. "Going to #smwknd @Columbiajourn. Will keep you posted."

I arrive. Now I must use Foursquare to document my location and earn points and maybe become a "Mayor" on Foursquare. That is for somebody who checks in a lot to one place, I believe.

The Social Media Doctors' Quque. The Doctor is In, LinkedIN.

I hit my Foursquare app in my iPhone and the GPS finds that I am at Columbia. But I want them to find me at the specific building (Later on I learn there is a Foursquare location especially for this specific event. But I am still at #grasshopper.) Before I post my location info to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who is just #dyingforthenewsofmywhereabouts I must take a photo to accompany it. What? I do one quickly. Ah, it loaded. Done.

Now I can enjoy the event. Wow everyone with the hashtag #smwknd is Tweeting about what the guy just said before I can. Whew I get one in : " puts his office and cell on his page. Maybe use Google/voice instead." Good going. Wait what did he say now? I missed that. I will find someone else's tweet in the #smwknd thread and RT it. Done.

And it goes and it goes like that. And it seems that everyone has been on Tumblr eons longer than me? Where have I been? Playing tennis maybe? Dating perhaps. Look where that got me. Maybe I should have been virtual ages ago.

I met this guy Joe. We talked about the muffins at the break and the coffee. We exchanged ecards on Hashable. Then I wanted to take a photo of the muffins and coffee and tweet with tweetpic of the snacks that I just met joe and here is the ACTUAL muffin and coffee I was holding when we talked about the #muffin and #coffee @columbiajourn.

Someone stop me...

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