Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Arcos Orchestra - Highlights of the Lowlands

My friend Patricia (friend from high school, friend from college, friend from early years in New York and friend from early years in Europe) was in town from Amsterdam with her partner Ym. I adore them both and we had the good fortune of being able to go to a concert of Dutch music composers at the Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue. Patricia is kind of a big deal in the Dutch music scene in Amsterdam both as a singer and a radio show host.

The space alone is so beautiful and the music was wonderful. Patricia's mother from San Francisco and brother John who lives in New York were there as well.

It was wonderful to see Patricia's mom again. I had not seen her since college I think. She always insisted on clearling the plates at dinner and would not allow help as she doesn't like them to be stacked due to mess getting on the bottom of the dishes. I thought of this while listening to "Lullaby of Young Girl Dreaming" by Patricia's friend and fellow Yank ed-pat in Amsterdam, Vanessa Lann. She was at this event and we had a chance to talk before and after the concert.

Patricia's brother John told me as we walked up to the aisle of the massive temple to our seats that he knew my ex-boyfriend of sorts, Dr. Ron. They both went to Yale together. New York is a small town. And Yale is a village. But what I have to do with either constantly amazes me. I am having a renaissance with Dr. Ron and grateful for his friendship. So here this Catholic-grazed boy from San Francisco culturally via Scotland and Ireland sits in the biggest temple in the world listening to Dutch music and muses about Patricia, Dr. Ron and dirty plates in San Francisco all the while it buckets and buckets rain outside.

And I sadly beg for it to wash away the previous time I was there.

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