Monday, May 2, 2011

Jeni Aron Performs at Rockbar

From the Upper East Side to way west Christopher Street in the West Village.  I was all over town this evening being uptown fabu and downtown cool.  Oh and midtown working.

My friend Jeni is a stand up comic and this is the first time I have seen her perform.  I made it in time to see her go ow.  Oh.Em.Gee.  She was fantastic. Filthy, yes, but FANTASTIC.  She killed as they say in comedy club parlance.

The venue was Rockbar.  It is well, a bar, where Christopher Street almost falls into the Hudson. Very friendly and a lot of fun. I will not repeat Jeni's set here because I would blush, but I am still laughing. I hope she goes on to great things. She should.

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