Monday, May 16, 2011

Hunter College, NYC Distinguished Writers Series

My head has gone from "I want to write" to "I am a writer" to "I need to get a masters in Creative Writing." Clear signs that I am 1. on to something and 2. I need to take some baby steps as the "All or Nothing" monster is lurking.

I am interested in taking the program at Hunter College on East 68th Street. They have a top program and it is affordable. AND it is hard to get into. But so was "Modern Love."

My baby step was to go to Hunter College tonight and hear Nicole Krauss speak and read at the Distinguished Writers Series they have. She has written three novels and numerous essays and short stories. Her bio is quite impressive and so is she for that matter.

I was taken with her the moment she began to read from her novel GREAT HOUSE. There was a Q & A afterwards and I was so struck by her intelligence, tranquility and humour. She has the voice that I could listen to on a meditation tape, but she is not at all boring. She is a wonderful speaker: articulate and insightful. Her writing process is one of complete abandon to letting ideas and characters evolve. It almost sounds aimless, yet there seems a relief in not trying to force the page. I found it all very interesting, inspiring and daunting.

The "all about me" bubbles were: "I don't read enough." "I don't write enough." "She is way smarter than me. Or is it I?" "Damn."

You can go here and read some of her New Yorker essays. etc. Well worth it.

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easca said...

NICOLE KRAUSE!!! I read "The History of Love" and fell in love with her. She really rocked my world with that book. Wow. Go for it, Pat. There is lots of good company in the writing world!