Monday, May 2, 2011

Louis the Plant Geek

This evening I was up high in the penthouse of a 5th Avenue apartment on the swank Upper East Side overlooking Central Park.  It is beautiful up there. No wonder people want to live there!

It felt like I was in an Italian villa.  Lovely bites went around and I met lovely people.  Just a perfect escape from my mood. Which in plant terms was droopy and needing sunlight and water and some new soil.  I need to be repotted!

This was a launch party for Louis Raymond's new website - Louis the Plant Geek. Check it out here.
The site is full of gardening tips, trips and snips.  I do not garden, but I learned a lot from looking at his wonderful website.  This is a go to place for anyone with a thumb any shade of green.  On the front page now is a video shot on the Amalfi coast (Italian villa tie-in) and one on pruning.  The whole magilla of gardens and gardening is here. 

My friend Eve who is wonderful and supportive and just, well, lovely invited me to come along and I had a ball.  Everyone was so nice including Louis and his partner Richard. ( FOEs - Friends of Eve's!).  I even met a book editor from Good Housekeeping who knows my friend Trent. Imagine having a small world at the top of the world.  It was great. 

Richard and Eve.  She is so wonderful she has her eyes shut thinking good thoughts for everyone!

I wish Louis every best wish with his new website.  Check out and tell them Patrick sent you.

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Louis said...

Hi Patrick: What a pleasure to meet at the launch—not least at that amazing penthouse atop the world. Thank you for being at part of the energy of the evening. And now...I'm checking you on on Tumblr.