Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Reading with Robin" - On Radio in Rhode Island.

One of the many amazing things about getting published in Modern Love in the New York Times has been the feedback and the contacts.  Besides my excellent friends and family, I have received emails from perfect strangers who connected with my piece.  That is SO gratifying. A drug almost. A lovely drug. To think that people who don't know me at all wrote and said they laughed and cried was just electric to me. And believe me, I have mostly cried, so receiving these emails has been wonderful.

One person who contacted me was Robin Kall who hosts a radio show where she interview writers on 920WHYJJ called "Reading with Robin."  She so enjoyed me piece that she wanted to interview me on the radio!  Hey it was at 7:10am on a Saturday and for the smallest state in the Union, but it was a wonderful experience. And it is global on-line so I am sure it has a wide following because Robin is a great host.

Robin was so nice and really celebrated me and my writing.  She plugged my piece and this blog often which I guess is what writers want -to be exposed in order to be read.   I someday hope to be back on her show with a book to plug. 

Thank you, Robin! 

Check out the interview here and click on "Robcasts."  And check out her excellent show where she talks to writers. You can listen on-line every Saturday morning 7-8am. 

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