Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tartan Week, New York City

Tartan Week has kicked off in New York City.  I was able to watch some of the 5K race in Central Park  on a BEEE-u-T-Ful Saturday.  What a great day for it.  I got to listen to a folk group jam in the park and just be happy to be alive (and Scottish).

This evening I went with Brad and Sean to a Harry Benson retrospective at a Soho gallery put on by The Scottish Affairs Office.  I didn't know who Mr. Benson was and then I walked into gallery and looked at all the iconic photos around the room including the Beatles having a pillow fight in a hotel room. I was blown away.

Sean, who is a photographer himself,  and I got to speak with him and as I shook his hand I was taken with the fact that this Glasgow-born man was at RFK's assassination, photographed the Queen and Princess Diana and umpteen photos of my beloved Glasgow, plus Mohammad Ali and the Beatles and Greta Garbo and Liz Taylor and just about everyone and here I was being thanked for such kind words from this guy. Wow.  It was incredible.

We had filet mignon hors d'eouvres and mingled with the guests including Betty Buckley who is somewhat of an icon herself.

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