Friday, April 2, 2010

IPad Eve

The world or at least the US is all a Twitter about the coming of the iPad, the oversized iphone that will change you entire life.

My friend Sean is getting his in the mail tomorrow morning.  I can't imagine he will see much beyond the virtual world for a day.  Here is he looking longingly into the window of the Apple Store like it is FAO Schwartz as the Apple elves prepare for the onslaught.

We spoke with the first person in line at the 14th Street Store in Manhattan.  He has been there since 6pm and it was about 10pm when we spoke with him. Oddly he is all alone, no one else is waiting in line with him yet. We asked him about peeing.  I am sure his new ipad will take of that somehow. iPee!

So apparently the world will not be the same after tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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