Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Promenade Deck

My favorite place to be on this ship is the promenade deck. This is the see and be seen place aboard, I suppose, but that is not why I like it so much. It is the one deck where you can walk fully around the ship outside. This is where people promenade or exericise. It is also where those gorgeous wooden deck chairs are laid out to bundle up and read or stare out at the ocean.

I think I love it most of all because it feels timeless. There is little I see on this deck that could not have been there 100 years ago. I feel part of big ships, my mother crossing the Atlantic on the old Queen Mary to the United States for the first time and part of the ocean and thus the world.

There is something about walking and taking in the ocean air and smiling at someone that just makes me feel so at peace.

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