Monday, April 5, 2010

Best Comma

I have been noticing loads of people lately signing emails, cards, etc.  with "Best, Phillip" or "Best, Suzie."  Has this been always happening or is there an upswing?

For some reason that I won't fully examine here,  "BEST comma" is like a hair suit for me or, worse, a belly button tattoo.  I hate it.  HATE IT.

Maybe I don't understand from where it derives, etc. but it drips with insincerity.  (And one could fairly argue "Well how sincere is Sincerely, comma?"  And they would have me.) 

But still BEST, argggghh!  What does it mean?  I send you my best, but I am too lazy to spell that out?  And if I do, what best am I sending to you? My best wishes?  Okay, but best wishes for what?  A happy life?  A new throw rug?

Best regards?  And what does that really even mean 100 years after it really meant something?

Clearly "best comma" is used for when you don't know someone well and it is a business-y thing.  But when I get that I feel looked down on or dismissed.  My own issues, I know, but best comma just seems to suggest that you have to hit send fast and get right on to something way more important.   It has a "tag your it" or hot potato quality to it. 

Couldn't we just pull any words out of our asses and sign it that way and it would have as much meaning, but more fun?

Daisy, Pat
Total, Laura
Eggs and Toast, your Bud
Baby formula, Steve
Cows come home, Brianna
Crystal, Crystal
Most, Paul
Nails on Chalk Board, Arthur


ren said...

i do understand your...distaste for best comma, can't imagine how i struggle with what to put there. i hate best comma too but what do i write to people i only sorta know? and yes, i have accidentally written love comma in a completely inappropriate email. oops. putting just a name seems too cold sometimes, xoxoxo is too flip...i use the worst ever...peace comma. so pretentious. but really it's a desperate bid to put something...anything...

easca said...

I started using Best comma with acquaintances because it wasn't formal and cold like any combination of Regards comma. It wasn't mushy like Fondly comma, etc. So, Best comma became my way out of the communication. Most of the time at work, I use Thanks comma or when I'm pissy at work, Regards comma. Take care comma works as well. Emily Post??? Where are you?

Criticlasm said...

I use it in business, since XO is a little informal, and, really, gay.
(though I hear it's all the rage for straight guys on text - getting in touch with their inner Strawberry Shortcake, I guess).

I didn't like Best Regards, since that felt forced to me, and "sincerely" too stuffy and puts that song from the 50s in my head.

Which I can now blame on your post.