Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ole, Oh Lay!

Saw this amazing group at the show tonight. “Ole, Ole.”  The were the cruise ship version of the “Gypsy Kings.”  A Spanish outfit who played flamenco guitar.  It was everything you want in this kind of performance on a cruise ship: vapors-inducing sexiness that you don’t tell your 67 year old spouse about.  The men looked like Fabio with their long hair and lithe, romance novel cover bodies and the woman, well, she stopped and gyrated in Spanish costume enough to have the men in need of respirators or cigarettes or both.  It was entertaining.

Oh my God. Ventriloquist tomorrow.

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ms.wright said...

I hope the ventriloquist is a guy with a doll named something like Madame. I have heard him before. However, it probably will be a person named "Ellie" holding a doll dressed as a Maasdam waiter.

Waiter- ..and what would you like tonight Miss Ellie? Wait, I better get a larger piece of paper.

Miss Ellie-I would like the shrimp with two extra shrimp, I'd like them on a plate without the lettuce, and please put the sauce on the side. I would like the Maasdam house salad but Romaine lettuce instead of Boston, and the creamy diet Dijon dressing that is out on deck at the buffet, instead of the dining room selection. I don't want the ruby red radish slices, but wait, (to Pat) Oh, Pat, do you want my radishes? (to all at table) Anyone else want them? No, okay. (to the waiter) Could you add some tomatoes to the green salad, instead of the delicate bouquet of peppers that is on the menu? Thank you. (To all at table) I just love the Maasdam house salad. Next, I would like the Salmon, I want it so rare that most people would vomit just thinking about it. No potatoes, unless someone at the table (All shake their heads, no.), but double spinach, please. I do not want any sauce on the salmon. Oh, would you make sure that they save me some strawberries and melon from the first course on the menu for my dessert. Lastly, could I have some lemon for my water and could I have some extra large paper napkins. and perhaps some plastic wrap; just to have. Thank you.(to Patrick) Do you want your Maasdam salad made as mine?