Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pure - 9th Avenue

My friend Anthony took me to this amazing Thai restaurant on 9th Avenue today.  There are loads of Thai restaurants in the area, but this one is special.  I am not a food writer, and, sadly, a TERRIBLE food photographer, there are way better bloggers that do this especially, but I just have to tell you about this place.

The place is called Pure.  It it located at 766 9th Ave (btw 51+52nd) 

It is a tiny place, but is decorated with warmth and a clean feel to it.  The service is great and polite and the food, well,  the food was amazing. First off, the place makes its own noodles.  Any place that makes its own noodles is fabu in my book, but on top of that the flavors are wonderful.

I started off with vegetable dumplings.  They were green and round and looked almost as exquisite on the table as they tasted in my mouth.

My main was homemade egg noodles with pork and real crab.  Make sure you mix this as the sauce seems to be waiting for you at the bottom.

Even the tap water is served in this lovely long, Euro-style water vessels.  The water sits at you table and just adds to the ambiance. For a work lunch hour I felt miles away from Midtown.
Go here. 

Photo Credit: Anthony, hand model.

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