Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Patrick Connolly Writer/Interviewer blog

I have started a new blog on Tumblr to focus more on my writing and panel moderating.  To showcase it, publicize it and just get it going a bit more.  Man Hat In will continue, but it is more personal and
"Patrick Connolly" on Tumblr is, if you can believe I am even writing this - more (self) promotional.

My aim is to delve further professionally into writing and digital and social media.  Tumblr seems to be a place that the folk are playing these days.

There is SO much out there in terms of social media and the places to get your stuff seen.  Facebook, of course. And LinkedIN, and Stumbelupon and Digg and Twitter and Delicious.  It is massive out there.  And where to start and what to share and where to link and how to do that and what is the best way to express oneself professionally and what am I as a brand, as a person, as a tree?!

Too late in the night to be thinking about anything, but I got excited when I saw my latest post got published.

And why do it at all?  Because I love to connect, create the conversation, pass on the conversation, be a part of the conversation.  For example Honey Badgers are IN and I want to be the one to get them on the map!

So please go to my new blog site and follow me, link me, forward me.  Thanks.

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