Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ho hum. Is this a break in the weather and I venture out and then get immediately swept out to sea never to been seen again? Will I stick my head out and get thwumped by a passing STOP sign? Is it over? Or is it just a tease?

Folk are out walking dogs, strolling. Like it was just a blustery day. WTF? Where is the Hudson at my doorstep? Where is Anderson Cooper in a canoe on 7th Avenue? Where is:
  • an old lady knitting calmly in a rocking chair.
  • a cow
  • debris
  • two gentlemen steadily rowing a boat (they doff their hats)
  • Miss Gulch, madly pedaling her bicycle through the air. Suddenly nightmarishly transformed into a cackling witch with a pointed hat and cape on a zooming broomstick
Where are these things?


Janice Richey said...

Couldn't say, I'm sure, but glancing to the right side of the page I have to say I'm in on the salt bagels...

pipersfo said...

I'm just glad that the rats didn't make it into your apartment!

Sam Grey said...

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I'm just glad that the rats didn't make it into your apartment!


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