Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene, the Waiting.

I have not blogged in forever and thought "baby's first hurricane" was a good way to start back in. It is dynamic, it is unprecedented and it is New York. I say unprecedented because never in the history of the city has the whole MTA subway system been shut down. Not to mention the airports and ALL the shows on Broadway.

I took a walk to get some air and saw a lot of tape. Reminds me of the Scotch tape skit on SNL when the Scotch Tape store was doing a booming business because every other store needed tape to hang up their "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" signs.

From my view in the West Village, all seems calm before the storm at the moment. I went to the gym this morning before it closed at 11am. Then I tried to get some last minute stuff from Duane Reade but the doors were closed. In a city than never sleeps there is nothing to be done than to do just that.

Stay tuned to The Weather Channel or


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