Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sing to me and bathe me in your beauty.

More churches.  Tonight I went to hear my friend Ron sing in a concert at The Basilica of St. Patrick's Cathedral on Mulberry St. in Little Italy.  St. Patrick was supposedly Roman so I guess it makes sense. But this was the Cathedral of New York City before they built that swanky new place on Fifth Avenue in 1878. I did not know that.

Ron sings with a group called Cerddorian.  They are a chamber vocal ensemble.  I went alone. I sat alone and I listened to the beautiful voices fill up this lovely space with everyone else.  It was freezing inside, but quite peaceful. I needed some peace and calm.  It had been a tough few weeks.  Ron urged me to come out with his friends afterwards. I didn't want to but the voice inside said "Go!"  They were mostly doctors like Ron and his best biking buddy whom I recognized from Facebook.  I even got to meet his parents.  The night out at the tapas place afterwards was just the ticket for the blues. Even though the choir did not sing blues, they sang choral pieces both new and old, but for me they were the blues.

I had such a laugh. We just laughed and gabbed and ate lovely tapas. It was worth the big grease stain down the front of my nice midnight blue dress shirt.  I had a good time.

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