Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Manhattan Party

It has been a while since I have been to a party in a highrise in New York where the view is that classic New York view of loads of cut out highrises with lights sprinkled throughout.  Like they use for backdrops in Broadway plays about New York or in Woody Allen movies.  There was a bartender serving cocktails and loads of New York type people all waiting to talk to me I am sure.

I didn't really know anyone as I was invited as a friend of friends.  They were very nice getting me out and circulating and reintegrating.  Tough, but I must.  I talked to a few people including a guy who quite forwardly, well, I won't say. 

At one point in the evening this woman in fishnets and a rose comes in with an accordion and starts belting out Edith Piaf.  She was so fantastic that stopping a discussion about police watch in troubled neighborhoods was not a problem.   (These are the conversations I swear our parents used to have and now I am at that age and I am having them. Wow.)  Everyone just stopped and listened to this very talented woman.  She sang flawlessly in French, English, German and Russian.  While playing the accordion.

I was so taken with her as was everyone else. She really made the evening. Her name is Mira Stroika and if she gets a gig out of this post I would be very happy.  Check her out here.  She is quite amazing.

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