Sunday, March 13, 2011

A $4 Million Dollar Organ?! Why Thank You, Doctor

So much goes on in one's neighborhood and one doesn't even know it.  That is why we have friends, neighbors, Time Out New York and doormen. 

For example,  I had no idea the most expensive organ in the United States was being built right under my nose.  By the French! Like the Statue of Liberty before, the French were gifting us once again.  Well, actually it is the Manon Foundation. And the church did $2 mill in renovations so your total costs are more like $6+ mill.  For really good organ music.  If this doesn't get 'em going back to God, I don't know what will.  God knew (first hand) that the guitar Mass was never going to do it.

But back to this organ.  A friend told me that though the premiere is going to be in May (The organ's débuts officiels) there was a preview concert today and we should go.  And we did.

Do you know an Episcopal service is just like a Catholic one?  I mean they have the same playwright! The dialogue was almost word for word.  And they sing more, well with a new organ and all, so it was even longer!! But the music was beautiful and the place is stunning.  It is a jewel.

Anyway, lovely, lovely church with this most amazing mural by John LaFarge.  There is a great New York Times article on the church.   But organ, smorgan, Mark Twain was here?! 

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