Sunday, June 12, 2011

The HIgh LIne - When You Need a Lift

Nothing says New York like the opening of the second phase of a rusted elevated train converted into a park. I was there. Well, not for the opening, but one the opening weekend.

The High Line rocks my world every time I walk on it. Probably because it is urban, enviro, groovy, close to my house (house meaning apartment, just another sign I am not a native) and mostly for the...wait of it.... perspective.

This has been a tough year for perspective for me.

But the perspective I get from walking on the High Line always bedazzles. It is not looking from high atop the Empire State Building (a magnificent view though I like the top of the Rock better) and it is not street level looking up. It is that "just a little bit" lift like your father putting you up on his shoulders when you were a kid that changes your whole view of things.

I love seeing the tenement buildings from up here. I look at their detail as I never did "on the ground." In "part deux" I really enjoyed looking down the leafy Chelsea streets as if I was on a camera crane shooting down or I was in a bird's nest (or whatever you call them) working on a telephone pole. The world is just a bit different from up here.

Please when in New York wander/meander through the High Line and change your perspective.


Gianni Santagati said...

Mi piace vedere la tua città con i tuoi occhi

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