Saturday, June 11, 2011

From Britain with Love

My pal Marica and I went to opening night of "From Britain with Love" at Lincoln Center.

First we ate at Cafe Luxembourg which I had not stepped into since I celebrated my 22nd birthday there with my friend Craig when I last lived in New York. We were young. They wire trees on the table with hard boiled eggs. We had champagne. This time no wire trees. No champagne, but I loved it. Other than the wire trees it has not changed a bit. I have.

The event at Lincoln Center was a screening of Toast, based on early life of Guardian food writer Nigel Slater. I had read the book and quite enjoyed it. The director SJ Clarkson was there for a very fun Q & A. She is just a stitch and a storyteller. Marica and I got a chance to speak with her at the reception and she was someone I could have talked to all night. I am attracted to peoples' "delivery" and their take on life. She was one for certain.

A fun night out of dining well and then watching a movie about food.

In the small town that is New York City I saw my friends Tom and Philip at Cafe Luxembourg (I had seen Philip earlier that day at the drugstore in the West Village) and then at the film! What fun.

Met some really nice people at the reception and just had a fine night out in New York.