Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you, Peter Brown

It is a funny thing "giving up."  It can go many ways. Just when Al Pacino is about to give up the mafia life in Godfather III he is "dragged back in."  When Jimmy Stewart is about to jump off that bridge in "It's a Wonderful Life" and end it all, Clarence the Angel comes along and saves him from himself.

And just as I was about to throw away "Man.Hat.In" entirely after many years of daily posts I got a note from Peter Brown, author and writing instructor, whom I do not know from a farthing who said he liked my piece on The Irish American Historical Society. (Okay he didn't say he "liked it" he thanked me for my description of it, but still, SOMEONE READ MY BLOG and it had an effect. ) I was about to leap off the cyber bridge and Clarence in the form of Peter Brown saved me.   

I do not want to give up blogging. I do not want to give up being an "incfluencer" in my small way.  I want to get better at it and bigger at it. 

So thank you, Peter Brown, for pulling my keyboard from the ledge and finding me in Google search and reacting to something I wrote. 

"I love you old Irish American Historical Society!"

I am going to come back bigger and stronger and more focussed.

But on what? And when?


JSLB said...

...and we will be here to read it! (especially now that I have figured out this new-fangled RSS feed deal...)

Love and miss you.

57chevypreterist said...

Some of us DO read it, even if we don't always comment!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, and I love you too; always!