Thursday, December 16, 2010


As my meagre cadre of fans of this blog know, I lost it about 5 months ago and stopped writing daily here for the first time in almost 3 years.

I have missed this forum, but could not get back into it.  I felt like a blogger stuck in a bog in a fog and my computer was just out of reach.  I could not bring myself to write here.  Part of it was depression and joy.  Both good writing moods! But I just could not.

I also wanted to start a new blog ABOUT SOMETHING! But that eludes me still. WHAT could I possibly be the expert on that I could write about and attach my blog to my Linked In and sell advertising and gather a HUGE following?  Food? Too many do it better.  New York City?  Maybe, but I would need an angle.  Fish out of water?  Nah.  Tucked away places?  I am not consistent enough and would probably steal from Time Out New York.   My take on NYC? Maybe, but I think I should be a celebrity first. Just Dunno.

But the more I work and ponder the more I realize I want to write professionally.  I have heard so often "the secret to writing is writing."  Of course I ignore that and use the procrastinator's mantra: "the secret to writing is doing research on writing and throwing money at it: computer, classes,

So I bought two books.  They are here at my beside. Bindings intact.  Apparently "the secret to reading is reading. "  They are "The Right to Wright"  by Julia Cameron.  Yes, Virginia, I still have permission issues and I am hoping this book gives me that.  The secret to writing is permission?   I also got "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynn Truss. A person I greatly respect who is not a writer, but a doctor and great procrastinator likes this book very much.

So now I have more books on writing, a blog that is aimless, and the desire to have the desire. 



Criticlasm said...

"bird by bird" by Anne Lamott is one of the best, and there's "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg. Two I would highly recommend - if now you want to read books about writing - lol.

Tony Westbrook said...

Your blog is not aimless. It is entertaining and insightful. Keep at it. Living, thriving, surviving in NYC and all that goes along with it. How to succeed!
And how to enjoy life!!!

pipersfo said...

I agree with Tony, I love feeling part of your New York experience from out here in SF. It may seem aimless to you because of your issues; but that's not how I see what you write. It's just an interesting, thoughtful man going about his very interesting life. Please keep writing Pat!