Thursday, September 16, 2010

White Christmas. Swellegant!

Hello Folks.  INCHING back into blog writing.  I do miss it. And I miss YOU!

Tonight I had another "I Love this damn town where I live" moment.  Through my friend David in LA I was invited to Philippe Lamesch's art exhibit at the Luxembourg Consulate on Beekman Place.  Very, veddy posh address.  It is the former mansion of Irving Berlin.

It was absolutely bucketing rain when I left my temp job at the law firm. Since I do not seem to check, I had no idea to even bring an umbrella. And I certainly could not bring the one I bought just the other day for such an occasion as I left it in a friend's car. Where it would be safe and I dry I am guessing.  Nonetheless it settled down a bit and I made it across town to the swanky Beekman Place neighborhood.

Philippe is from Luxembourg but lives in Northern California.  We became Facebook friends before we actually met tonight.  So modern. What a lovely guy and talented.  It was a great event all around. He introduced me to two other of David's friends, Jim and Carlos.  We really hit it off and exchanged info. Carlos is even going to set me up with a work intro! How fantastic it is here!

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