Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am a CNN Talking Head. Finally

Last week I was playing my pipes along the Hudson River (or trying to play them - this is a related story to my PANIC attacks.) and this CNN van pulls over and a guy comes at me with a microphone and a cameraman. (How MANY erotic dreams have I had over and over about this very scenario?!  It so beats the dirty French maid or Caveman meets Octopus.  Have a shared too much? ) 

Anyway, it is Richard Roth and it seems he wants to interview me about Queen Elizabeth coming to New York to speak at the UN and tour Ground Zero.  I have to tell him I had no idea that the Queen is coming to New York.  He is nonplussed about my cluelessness and procedes to ask me quesitons about my heritage, my bagpipes, the Queen, why I am so scruffy and wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirt and how I could possibly be single and unemployed with my movie star looks and clear talent.

Okay he didn't ask me all those things, but this is what ended up in the piece - my queeny wave.


Thanks Sean for shooting and editing this with iphone 4.


Criticlasm said...

This is really great - I reposted to facebook. :)

Stinky Junior said...

Love the wave. Classic. You should totally brand yourself as "This Musician"